How to Get in Contact With An Influencer

The process of contacting and reaching out to an influencer can sometimes seem daunting, especially if they have built an impressive following.

You need to have a strategy that will engage potential influencers to your brand and thus begin a beautiful partnership.

Keep on reading to find out how you can get into contact with an influencer through methods that work best for you!

1. Send a friendly email
Seems obvious right? A great first step to starting a conversation with an influencer would be to send an email. Emails are a professional communication method across many productions, and this does not differ with influencers. It is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and let them know that you have interests in working with them.

You can begin by taking a look at their work to understand what their style is. By doing this, you will also be able to understand how to approach different types of influencers. Be sure to address each individual influencer personally and to not use the same template. The way you frame your emails will differ from person to person as everyone has their own unique style and ways of approaching collaborations.

At this point, you can introduce your brand, who you are, your values and what you stand for. You can use this opportunity to bring up what you will be offering in return. It is important to highlight the benefits at hand for the other party as this a partnership.

Paying a compliment wouldn’t hurt as you can let them know that you like their content and what it is you admire about them. If a particular post stands out or is something you are looking for, bring it up so they too will have an idea of what to bring to the table.

Lastly, end your email with a focused line of communication leaving room for further interaction and let the magic unfold!

2. Direct Messages
Thankfully, social media has provided several ways for you to approach influencers. If you are using Instagram as your direct route for example, be sure to make use of the Instagram DMs. Direct messages are a more causal and less formal way to get into contact with influencers.

If you choose to use this method, be sure to keep your message short and brief as you unfortunately have a 1,000-word limit. It is good to keep in mind that many influencers will most likely receive a LOT of direct messages on a daily basis, so something that is quick and straight to the point but will also catch their eye is what you’re aiming for.

When writing your message, once again be sure to introduce yourself and your brand. Let them know the necessary details such as you wanting to collaborate and leave room for an open discussion. You can suggest continuing the conversation through a different mode of communication that they would prefer such as email or even a video call.

At times you may think they have purposely not responded to your direct message, which don’t get me wrong could be the case (no hard feelings) but other times it could be that your message was lost amongst many others. A way you can make yourself stand out, is to engage with them through liking their pictures and/or commenting on their posts.

Stand out and give THEM a reason to respond!

3. Influencer apps

Influencer apps are a great method to get into contact with influencers, as they do all the work for you. No seriously, everything is already taken care of. Take XPO for example.

All you have to do is adjust the filters to the kind of influencer you’re looking for, you are able to see all the important details such as their category, content and rates. You are able to make quick and easy decisions on who you would like to contact by the simple click of ‘book now’.

Tell me that doesn’t sound easy!

I hope this article has eased you into the world of approaching influencers, with different methods for you to choose the one you’re most comfortable with. Good luck!

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